"To make the world aware of the outstanding
quality and value of Mongolian cashmere"


Ulemj Cashmere LLC first started cashmere trading operation in 1995, which makes the company one of the oldest in the field of cashmere. Throughout this time we have established largest cashmere supply chain within 12 /out of 21/ provinces of Mongolia. Supply chain location is carefully selected depending on its cashmere quality. Each year we trade around 600 tons of raw cashmere, 80 percent of it being traded locally and 20 percent of it being exported to abroad. Since 2004, our second main focus was to produce value added Cashmere fiber to supply foreign and local companies. Such as: washed cashmere, dehaired cashmere and cashmere yarn. Based on our growth potential we’re keen to produce and export value added products to the rest of the world. We want to give everyone a chance to explore and use this luxury fiber at affordable price.

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"Ulemj Cashmere Co., Ltd. creates a personal development, environment-friendly and safe production environment, takes the lead in technology, manufactures washed/combed cashmere products that meet the needs of its customers, and transports its products to all corners of the world. our team is working.

Our treasures

Environmentally friendly production, Socially responsible, Employees, Farmers, Citizens, Industry cluster organizations, Business partners, Consumers / Buyers

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Distance sight

Livestock breeders create value together with citizens, industry cluster companies, workers, employees, and buyers, absorb added value based on advanced technology with social responsibility, and "Let the world know the great quality and value of Mongolian cashew."


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