A draft resolution has been prepared to pay an additional 20,000 MNT per kg on top of the base price of cashmere.

  • 2022-07-05 06:49:42

Member of Parliament L. Eldev-Ochir said, "The working group established by the order of the Speaker of the Parliament has made an opinion on the issue of cashew prices and prepared a draft resolution to be submitted to the government.

In the draft resolution prepared for delivery to the government:

In connection with the creation of cashew raw material reserves and the export of cashew products, the urgent organization of subsidized loans to cashew manufacturers,

In order to support the export of cashmere, solve the problems of smooth passage through all border ports and zeroing of related fees.

In order to support herdsmen's income and national industries, a bonus of 20,000 MNT will be given to each herdsman's family for each kilogram of cashmere ordered on the base price of the cashew market.

"There are four issues, namely, to create competition in the cashmere market and to quickly organize the work of attracting buyers from foreign countries to participate in cashmere preparation in order to set a real price," he said.

Member of Parliament J. Monkhbat: Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Ch. Ulaan spoke about the problem that cashew produced in Arkhangai province never reached 100,000 MNT.

The head of the ministry, N. Bathuu, and the director of the Agricultural Exchange, H. Baatar, presented a study showing the average price of cashew over the past three years. According to this study, in 2018, cashew was worth 102,000 MNT in Arkhangai province, and 120,000 MNT in 2019.

Member of Parliament Sh. Radnaase: The Ministry of Agriculture announced the price of cashew is 100 thousand. However, in reality, the price of cashew is less than 100,000, and farmers are in a state of waiting. 70 percent of cash is left behind after supporting national production with MNT 300 billion.

The income of 200,000 herder families is increasing by giving a bonus of 20,000 MNT per kilogram of cashew. It is a close to life and realistic scenario on both sides.

Member of Parliament L. Eldev-Ochir: 200 billion MNT will be released by the government as agreed upon with the Ministry of Finance. Representatives of the parties were included in the working group. For example, Ts. Baatarsaihan, director of "Govi" company, and B. Jargalsaihan, director of "Buyan" company, participated. The proposals of the resolution included a lot of suggestions from manufacturers.

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