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Greeting from the CEO

On behalf of the Ulemj team, I extend a warm welcome to all visitors of our website.

In order to develop the production and stability of wool and cashmere products, our company has implemented a digital BLOCKCHAIN system into its supply chain. In collaboration with international projects, we are steadfastly dedicated to our mission of uniting as a cluster to elevate Mongolia's light industry and agriculture industry to global standards, incorporating enhanced standards and value. It has now been two decades since we embarked on our journey with the resounding slogan, "Let the world know about the Ulemj quality of Mongolian cashmere."

Our work spans global partnerships with esteemed brands, along with the development of sustainable and environmentally-friendly production methods that leverage advanced technology, all while diligently adhering to industry occupational safety and health requirements.

I am delighted to report that our company has successfully assembled a proficient and skilled team within the industry. Through collaborative efforts and strategic cooperation, we have solidified our position in the industry's competitive landscape and are effectively pursuing our outlined objectives.

Through this message, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our loyal customers and dedicated partners who have supported us on this remarkable journey. We are confident that our future endeavors will not only expand our horizons but also make a significant contribution to the continued development of our beloved nation through our collaborative efforts.

Bayarjavkhlan Ganzorig

Chief Executive Officer

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To make the world aware of the outstanding quality and value of Mongolian cashmere

About Ulemj

Ulemj Cashmere LLC first started cashmere trading operation in 1995, which makes the company one of the oldest in the field of cashmere. Throughout this time we have established largest cashmere supply chain within 12 /out of 21/ provinces of Mongolia. Supply chain location is carefully selected depending on its cashmere quality. Each year we trade around 600 tons of raw cashmere, 80 percent of it being traded locally and 20 percent of it being exported to abroad. Since 2004, our second main focus was to produce value added Cashmere fiber to supply foreign and local companies. Such as: washed cashmere, dehaired cashmere and cashmere yarn. Based on our growth potential we’re keen to produce and export value added products to the rest of the world. We want to give everyone a chance to explore and use this luxury fiber at affordable price.

Green production

We work to protect the planet through anti-desertification programs, local non-profit work and partnering with ethical and environmental suppliers.

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Our mission

Leading the way in technology for personal development, environment-friendly and safe production environment, we manufacture washed/combed cashmere products that meet the requirements and deliver them to all corners of the world.

Market share

Every year around 7000 tons of cashmere being produced in Mongolia, Ulemj Cashmere LLC’s collecting capacity is around 700 tons of cashmere, which is 10% of a market share.

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"Ulemj Cashmere Co., Ltd. creates a personal development, environment-friendly and safe production environment, takes the lead in technology, manufactures washed/combed cashmere products that meet the needs of its customers, and transports its products to all corners of the world. our team is working.


We started our export in 2002, when raw cashmere only available to export at the Mongolia and China board.


Ulemj Cashmere LLC is established largest and longest standing cashmere supply chain within 12 provinces of Mongolia. In order to keep our suppliers commitment we trade hide and raw meat during off-season at the "Emeelt" market.


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